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Lost in Translation? No longer! (Sorry Scarlett)

I had been sent on quite an interesting day trip to a Translation Party. Seeing that they had developed a rather advanced and, shall I say, mystical, method for ensuring that translation is consistent back and forth - what a previously unseen technology! - I decided to submit a worthy text to this verification.

This text was indeed the Tao Te Ching, that philosophical text of the ancient chinese that often allies with Buddhism to great ends. It is in fact one with many a translation from Mandarin, all of which are considered inadequate due to differences between the Mandarin and English words.

Running it through an English/Japanese/English/Japanese/English/Japanese... process at first seemed a little inappropriate. Then I rememberd that not only do China and Japan both have Buddhism and other similarities, but no-one seems to be able to tell those "Asians" apart anyway, apparently!

The only editing that I have done since is to run it through the humble "Microsoft Word" spellcheck and grammar check.

Here is the sacred text:
  1. Forever, please enter your name forever YUZATAOTAO. The unnamable is the eternally real. This particular name? Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Wish, to participate please see the symptoms. Also, the same source, the cause of the mysterious phenomenon. Sources, and is called black. Night. Gateway to all understanding.
  2. Beautiful people, ugly, please refer to some other things. If people are good, please see the other bad thing. Here, each one creates a sequence. It can be difficult to deal with each other. Long and short define each other. High and low
  3. If over esteem great men, people become powerless. If you overestimate, people begin to steal ownership. Indicates a weakening of the core areas of our ambition and determination! Husband. To create the confusion, I lost all hope of him, I know. In fact, my plan?
  4. Now, like the Tao: We are using. This is like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities. Disappears. I, I'm not sure that I gave birth. It is older than God.
  5. And aspects of the Tao, you can give birth to both good and evil. To support your husband. She is welcomed sinners and saints. Tao is like the bellows of the air: The possibilities are endless. We are used to understand the productivity of the discussion. I am located in the heart of their own.
  6. The Tao is called the Great Mother: still, the birth of the world, sustained a sky that never ends. It is presented to you. If you can use.
  7. Tao is the eternal infinite. Why is it eternal? It was born. To die for. Infinite? I hope. Therefore, present in all living organisms. Master has fallen again, but she refused. Is separated from her. One of them is her. She is to meet him.
  8. Water of good nutrition. This place, people are content to ignore. Therefore, the Tao. I'm living in a house near the ground. The idea is simple. In conflict, fairness and generosity. The ruling party, please do not try to control. I do enjoy my job? In family life, fully present. The only competition is not for everyone, you can compare the customer satisfaction.
  9. I can spit out water in the bowl. NAIFUSHAPUNASUTOKKU is blunt. And money, security and tracking, heart-pounding. We are pleased to note the support of the prisoners. Please step back to work. Just a gentle path.
  10. If the drift can be used to protect the integrity of the center, the original drawings, or? Flexibility of the new baby? Your vision is to provide a display of light and blessing of the following? Imposing love it cannot lead to
  11. I have been taking part were asked to move your car to drive to the hole. We need to drop a clay pot. We hammer home livable space. We are working on.
  12. The eyes of the colorblind. I have heard the sound of the washing. Taste the flavor of paralysis. Weakening of the heart. Fading conditions. Master, confident vision to observe the world. He is coming. His mind is open to the sky.
  13. There is a risk of failure and success. Hopes and fears are hollow. The main risks of failure and success? Precarious position, you can choose whether to climb the ladder. Feet to the ground, an order to maintain the order of a single instruction
  14. Also, not shown. I heard unheard. Know how to access. The above is not bright. Dark. Seamless, unnamable, it returns to the realm of nothing. All of the forms, images and image formats,
  15. Sensitive issues, please ancient master. It was this mystical wisdom. Either way, you can explain how to explain the cause of all. I have a flow of ice? Warning as a warrior in enemy territory. Courte
  16. Given all the empty hearts. I will show you the peace of mind. Confusion of the biological clock, the back hatch. Is a common source, and returned to the field. This is cool. If you have not noticed, the acidity
  17. If the rule is to recognize the existence of a master. The most well-known leaders. Next, they are concerned. Contempt is the worst. If you do not trust do not trust them. I'm talking about your husband's work. His works, and people, "Amazing: We are, all I have!"
  18. Respect and common sense, please click on the album. We reduced the steps in front of the body of knowledge and cleverness. If there is peace in the family, filial piety begins. If the country has been confused with the birth of patriotism.
  19. God, 100, will be thrown to the left of the wisdom of their properties. Throw away morality and justice, and we will do the right thing. This is not a thief, and threw the interests of the industry. If you are, please contact us. If necessary, the core of the problem is, of course, you know.
  20. Stop thinking of the last. Jesus is the difference? What's the difference between success and failure and how? Other people to prevent and avoid value, other people do I need? How ridiculous! Similarly, to run the parade. I
  21. Her album is shining in the mind of the master. I cannot understand the Tao. Your sense of yourself? Not persist in thinking of her. Tao is dark and mysterious. Or radiation can be like her? She can have it. Time and space, go Tao. And nanotechnology. If you know what? Please see for yourself.
  22. If necessary, you can become part of the whole. If bent straight. If necessary, please fill in the blanks. If necessary, leave the neonatal mortality. If necessary, give everything to be given to all. MASUTATAO, please set an example of organisms. He can see the light. He is to prove that it does not trust his words. You know I know
  23. To fully express themselves are quiet. When winds of nature: the wind only. And drizzling rain, rain, clouds, please pass the brilliance of the sun. This album, in order to achieve the full album. I can use it to open the wisdom and insight of your sincerity. You can be completely lost your loss. , Held a natural reaction of the Tao, I do not trust it.
  24. He can stand on tiptoe on the form. Distance is not overwhelmed. He has been refined in the light dims. He has not really defined. Than he is something else to force the power supply. He is now; I wanted to create a piece of the patient. Tao? Or send a written employment contract?
  25. However, to complete the birth of the universe. Quiet. Empty. Isolated. Invariant. Infinite. The existence forever. This is the mother of the universe. A better name, I call the Tao. Everything flows. Tao is great. Space. Earth is great. This is a great man. These are the four great powers. Man of the earth. Earth space is the following. Tao, the universe is as follows. This is Tao.
  26. Gravity is the root of this. Affected by the source of all movement. To do this, do not leave a day trip, the owner of the house. However, great views, she stays serenely in itself. Lord, if you like a fool, city, country, or if you need to skip? If so, contact with the root of the loss, the hurt around it. If you are excited about the move.
  27. To change your travel plans are not intended arrival. Also, if intuitive, you can send the best artists. We have something for him in the heart of the concept of science and technology. Therefore, to refuse to provide a master of all. He does not waste anything that is ready to use all the circumstances. This is called embodying the light also. Or teachers? Bad man, good man's job? This is a loss of intellectual understanding. This is a big secret.
  28. Protection of women and men: in your arms is the world. Tao has taken the world still looks like a small child. World is white: I know a black pattern. If the pattern for the world, the Tao, nothing is more powerful. Personally, physically, yet I know: you can use to maintain order in the world. If the album was a primitive world of flash. Boyd and Thursday, this tool is configured in the world. MASUTATSURUBUROKKU: you can use to know her.
  29. What if something good is happening in the world? I cannot do that. This is the sacred world. To improve it. If you want to tweak, you are to mess it up. If the object is lost. The rest of the time that is active in the first movement of a short-term risk. In this study, the master, is trying to control them. She is with you; we will introduce you to the center of the circle.
  30. Tao is a matter of rule, defeat the enemy, and are all dependent on power. All KAUNTAFOSU forces. The recovery of the violence of the night, he always has. Stop the work of a master. Is in the process of trying to understand the control of governing the universe, His eternal IBENTOTAO are in contrast. Because he is thinking for himself, he is not trying to persuade others. Because he is content in it, he does not require the approval of others. Because he accepts himself, the whole world accepts him.
  31. Hatred and violence, weapons, tools of all decent men. Weapons are tools of terrorism. Direst pinch, other people to use the utmost restraint to avoid the need for. Peace is his highest value. They either can be the most peace? Satan is the enemy, his own people like him. No injuries. He BUARIMASEN victory. If I won a happy slaughter? He is ponderously, with great sorrow and sympathy, as if attending a funeral, he enters the battle.
  32. Tao is not aware of. Included in the galaxy of thousands of electrons. If men and women, pottery, to maintain a healthy balance. World of Gardens. Peace for us, I think I have written based on the spirit of the law. The name of the time, I know my form and tentative. If the function of the organization is required. If you stop, you can reduce your risk. Tao is the flow of the river near the sea.
  33. You can find other information. I know your wisdom. Is the strength of the master. Mastering yourself is true power. If you can find the real world. Our hearts forever, please accept the death of the stand of the entire stay.
  34. The Tao flows everywhere. Since birth, I have yet. Does not solve the problem. World is infinite, and nutrition, they are not expecting it yet. In some cases, hidden, you can start to merge please. You can melt it. Does not recognize its greatness. This is really great.
  35. She is in China, she is dangerous to you. She and I are in harmony and peace in the world is a big pain. For more information, and pause music, food and, if necessary, please enjoy the scent. However, the taste of the word Tao is like a dull point. And if there is NO. You can listen to me. If used on a permanent basis.
  36. Do I have to be placed automatically? If you dispose of something, you must first be able to prosperity. If you want something, you must first be able to specify. Is known as a subtle way of recognition. In order to overcome the hard and soft. Slow, fast overcome. The following mechanisms still remain a mystery. We are the only people that are the result.
  37. Tao is all that is done yet. If men and women, will be converted to a power play of the rhythm of nature. Of our national life, for free, go to the next step. I will be peace.
  38. I tried to master the powerful. This is really powerful. Is to maintain the highest level of access of our debt. If my husband is still incomplete, he is. Normal person is why I have a lot of time. The man is still incomplete. Recently, some places are still a lot of people. If you will need to be used to control the bird of human morality. The Tao is lost. Lose interest in your morals. Morality is lost, there is ritual. Confusion is the beginning of true faith in the representation of the shell. Therefore, rather than the depth of the master, on the surface, my interest in flowers and fruits. He has a will of their own. He can be my fantasy.
  39. Sky, Tao, on the planet, as always, will be updated to collect all the creatures of the large harmonic content again. For men, china, sky, earth or dirt, please obtain the balance of biodegradable interference please extinction. He must understand the role of master. We always, in fact, are his humility. He is the radiance of the jewels; the Tao is like a stone that is irregular in shape.
  40. Back to the movement of Tao. Tao is the way of surrender. We are born into. Are born than any other.
  41. This album is heard when you start to realize the man. If a normal person, and listen to the album, he is a half, I have a question. When you listen to the album is a stupid man, he laughed aloud. , Porcelain, smile, you can. So: power light, transparency, and the true children of your own: I will be able to pass the truth, the real victims, real estate strange indifference REMASHI? How can I change it a little darker or love? Specifies a long path. Tao can be found anywhere. However, it is full of nutrients.
  42. One can give birth to a Tao. They can give birth to a baby. February 3, you can give birth to a baby. These three types can withstand. They are the faces of all men and women. Please achieve gender balance in all. Ordinary men hate solitude. However, my husband can get lonely, he realized the whole world.
  43. The gentlest of the world, to overcome most of the world is difficult. Is the space of the material. Illustrates the behavior of other values. What's Your Word: The path to the master.
  44. Integrity and reputation: how important? Money and Happiness: What is value? Failure is a success: a detailed breakdown? If true, other people's performance is required. Are dependent on funding of happiness and satisfaction. All content. That's fine. However, because we are part of the world to achieve something.
  45. Please enter the reality of our own defects. We are, in most cases, surgery is the truth or empty. True straightness seems crooked. Seems foolish to true wisdom. The essence of art. Master can occur. She comes in the form of events. Tao and she can speak in the way of me.
  46. The country is in harmony with the Tao, the factories make trucks and tractors. Counter, Country Tao, warheads, could be stockpiled outside the cities go. Instead of fear, fantasy and provides a greater enemy to protect the unfortunate error. All people from fear, you can always check the safety.
  47. If you are, you can open your mind and open the door to the world. In several cases, please see the window you can find the essence of the Tao. We must understand the following information. I came to see the light of the company.
  48. Pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. Tao, every day, and drop anything really. If you run out of energy when you need to get the other end. If you do not have is incomplete. You can you can learn to go the way of true independence. It cannot be obtained by interference.
  49. Master has a mind of her own. We are people who work for her in the hearts of people. She is a good man. She is also good. This is really good. She was a trusted and reliable. She is with us, we have checked the trust and confidence. It is true faith. I'm the master spirit of the universe. People cannot understand her. They are waiting to please her. She is treated like a child.
  50. Masters moment. I think we have to protect her: I know the spirit of resistance, the death of my imagination. He is thinking about his actions. Is flowing from my heart. During sleep, even after a good day, his work in human life, his death.
  51. Tao is a spatial representation. Hot, completely unconsciously, if your body is to complete the physical condition of the spring is free. Therefore, the natural TAOTSUISOU. All creatures, Tao, nutrition, and maintaining them, child care, comfort, and back, without having to create to protect their belongings, regardless of the action, any interference in its class. Therefore, the nature of things, the Tao of Love.
  52. First was the Tao. From there, the return from all problems. Will be tracked to determine the symptoms to go back to basics. Children, looking for the mother, are free to recognize the grief. If necessary, would be troubled to use your mind and transport hub in the region. This decision is to maintain a sense of your mind is not led by the peace of mind. This view is clearly in the dark. I must give up power. After a while, we used a unique light source moves. This fact is also known as an eternity.
  53. In other words, many people can pass easily. This is not in balance. Stay in the heart of the Tao. Weapons, farmers, financial speculation and high-end luxury, robbery, wealth and poverty, disease, to enable the land, the loss of an irresponsible government. This is in line with the Tao.
  54. I must say that I planted the roots of the pottery. Waste, in combination with the Tao is not a man. Will be held in honor from generation to generation in her name. And Tao, are real in your life. It will flourish in the home and family. If your country is my country in the world, please fill in all countries. This song is the space of the universe. If you know what? We are asking for me.
  55. He is in harmony with the Tao is like a baby. Bone, muscle weakness, you can reduce a strong grip. Unions for men and women, the erection of the penis, it is difficult to know. Growling, like a symphony, completed in the head. Power is one of the master. He cannot do anything. He is not expected. He has not disappointed. He was not disappointed with the spirit of the time.
  56. People do not know. People know the story. The decision, to block the demolition, sharp edges and reduces glare. This is the primal identity. Please ensure the Tao. This approach, the failure of honor and profit, may withdraw the bankruptcy. You can continue it. Bear.
  57. If you are, if you want to be a great leader is the case, you need to learn to follow the Tao. Trying to stop control. Stereotypes of the program, it will attempt to dominate the world. Virtuous person is prohibited. This is in addition to the safety of your arms. With subsidies for other people is a matter of course. Therefore, the Master says: I have to move the law, you can be honest people. I have a rich economic strength. I let go of religion, people become calm. I, I, I hope the grass that is common to us all.
  58. If the country is applied to the tolerance and comfort. Is applied to the management of the country, people are depressed and crafty. Ideally, is responsible for output. Happiness, unfortunate people to build a foundation for efforts to please. Efforts to establish a foundation of moral evil. Can be set, and she offers the example of the contents of your husband. Earrings are not pointed out to her. To understand the ease and flexibility. , Radiation, easy on the eyes.
  59. In addition to the rules of many countries. Be freed from his ideas about the mark. If the change of direction, the resistance to the sky as the sun, and all companies, people, trees, the rest of your life, and majestic mountains, and to complete the most popular? ? Occurs and how to use them. He is not nothing. In the welfare of her child, can feel the interest of the mother.
  60. Small fish fry, to rule the country. That is, the more you kill. Center will have the power of the Tao and evil country. I cannot miss the street. Is opposed to evil.
  61. Get a big country, it looks like the sea: the downstream run. Humility is required for strong growth. Small, to be trusted to protect the album means that you must use it. If, as a great man of a great country: it was a mistake. To achieve it, he admitted it. Admit it, he will fix it. He is thought to point out the shortcomings as a teacher, I like him. Himself, and he is casting a shadow, will be considered an enemy. Instead, the interference of others in the problems of nutrition, the National Ceramics, center, and light to all nations of the world.
  62. Tao, the universe, for better or worse, the treasures of the mind, are fleeing. I have the social values of the award-winning album I bought one there are more than one language. To do this, you can choose a new leader with the expertise. Instead, he is, please tell us about the album. Why the ancient Masters esteem the Tao? Tao demand has been searching for forgiveness when you are wrong. That's why I like it.
  63. Without action, without any effort at work. A small number. Small hard work, it is best to achieve a series of acts. Great, it does not reach the master. In order to realize her greatness. She is running to try to stop him. She can stick to their comfort. This is her problem.
  64. Easily be rooted in the feed. To resolve this problem? Weakness and instability? It is easy to scatter. Prevent problems before. Therefore, before ordering. Pine growth from a small bud. Leg of the journey will start from the bottom of 1,000 km. Rushing into action, you fail. If you want to know things, please try to lose them. To do this, are ripe for the kill to force in order to complete the project. Therefore, it is possible to run a master's degree. Finally, he must keep quiet. But he has nothing to lose and nothing. Desire, lust. To unlearn his learning. He is the only one, I always remember him. He was the reason my album is nothing. So he can take care of everything.
  65. Masters is one of my past could not get a good education. They guided me and I find it hard. They do not know how people can find their own way. If successful, you can learn to avoid the rule by the rich. The simplest pattern is clear. In normal life, all people are satisfied can be shown the true nature behind it.
  66. This is lower than other companies, all of the water flow. Give the power of humility. If you are his people and must be controlled are. You need to learn how to send people. Regulations, the master. And her people and, feel the flow of all operations. All the world is grateful to her. What is she fighting for?
  67. Some leaders are meaningless. This is a very useful phone. However, I think his absolute nonsense. People are, in fact, I have deep roots in this separation. I do one thing: simplicity, patience, guidance must be considered. These are the greatest treasure. Simple operation is considered to return to the source. Both friends and enemies, and we agreed to do so as a patient. Life has been adjusted to take care of the world.
  68. He needs a better partner for the best players. His entry in the heart of the most common enemy. The president of the joint service. Advice and guidance. Embodiment of the virtues of competition. They are my competition, the spirit of play. To do this, in harmony with Tao.
  69. Description: "Instead, we, we, we, you, we recommend that you wait, please refer to the first move. This is the backyard is a good step forward." But, without the use of this weapon, is scheduled to be called the press. It is a misfortune than underestimating your enemy. If the enemy is evil, please consider how undervalued. Therefore, his enemy, to destroy the treasure. Great power, people know each other and how we win.
  70. Is to understand the practice. If you practice them, you can fail to please the hearts of those who know them. My teachings are older than the world. What is it? In several cases, please see me in my heart.
  71. Instead, we are unaware of the true knowledge. Presuming to know is a disease. First, recognition of illness, you can move toward health. The Master is her own doctor. She is healing I know. She is really such a whole.
  72. Time lose their sense of awe, people turn to religion. They no longer trust him, and begin to rely on its authority. To do this, please return to the instructions of the master of confusion. He can learn a lesson for me.
  73. All the time, Tao and ease of use. If they have not reached the status of the subpoena, the answer is to achieve competitiveness in the basic plan. Net and will cover the entire universe. Mesh width and slip.
  74. If you are trying to adhere to the following changes to achieve? If the death, the fear is that you cannot accomplish anything. If the carpenter, the master of my future success. If a carpenter, you can reduce the risk of trading tools in the hands of his master.
  75. If taxes are too high, people are hungry to move. Intrusion from the government, people lose their minds. Law, for the benefit of the people. Trust; leave alone.
  76. Men are born soft and flexible. DAIHADO pain. Plats are born tender and pliant. Death, SARE and dry and brittle. Disciples of death and flexibility are difficult. Software and has abandoned the life of the disciples. Tough, hard disk is damaged. The soft and supple will prevail.
  77. Bent like a bow, Tao is one of the world. The bottom curve, bend down. Insufficient and excessive, perfectly balanced. It's going well. People, their power, Tao, and is used to control the direction of the force of resistance and protection. Also, many people do not have enough people. You can continue to the end of the wealth of her master. Their works, many of the actions of the trust is expected to succeed her.
  78. This software will create a world of sky and water. However, flexibility and hard, or you can reject it or? For, in order to overcome the rigidities of the following hardware and software, you can overcome the friendship. In other words, implementation, and to understand some of it. To do this, keep your cool in the master's grief. Please enter the hearts of his evil. People were able to provide maximum support. Contradictions are true.
  79. We are using this opportunity. For other users, this is the end. Therefore, the duty of the master to correct the mistake? To do this, you must have other requirements.
  80. For wisdom, to rule the country and its content. Your invention, you can reduce the waste of time to enjoy the labor of workers to mechanical energy. I'm interested in travel. Anywhere, and several ships, please track. What is used as a weapon? The happy family in the garden of a neighbor, working for the weekend, please enjoy the pleasure of food expenditure. Nevertheless, the two countries and two songs of roosters: the case of my old dog is listening to death close to the skin.
  81. Eloquent words are not true. Eloquent words are not true. Please prove a point. Wise. Smart people, you will need to prove this point. Owns the master. He is for others, we are happy with him. Blessed is the man. Electricity, food, and Tao. Center, master key, he said.

Forgive me if I am incorrect, but the Tao does in fact appear to be a computer manual of some kind, and probably accounts for the amazing computer literacy and abilities at school that are possessed by these "Asians". Who would have thought that they would anticipate, in "Asia" of all places, the invention of the computer, in such a philosophical light?

It appears that you have all been...

... h4xx0r'd.

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