Monday, May 05, 2008


KermitTheFrog joked (with irony):
"When a diplomat says 'Yes' he means 'Maybe'
When he says 'Maybe' he means 'No'
& If he says 'No' then he isn't a Diplomat at all!

When a lady says 'No' she means 'Maybe'
When she says 'Maybe' she means 'Yes'
& If she says 'Yes' then she isn't a Lady at all!"
So I said:
"Horses sweat,
Men perspire
& Women glow"
And quite unrelatedly to the above was the statement from our dear Kermit but quite sequential to our former joke:
"I've seen all the Star Trek movies!
Star Trek 1,
Star Trek 2,
Star Trek 3,
Star Trek 4,
Star Trek 5,
Star Trek 6,
Star Trek 175384..."

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