Friday, September 05, 2008


In a throwback to the Victorian era we have the following rather "enlightened" post from our new Australian travel reporter, oh, sorry, intrepid colonial explorer, Princess Bellatrix L'Estrange of Bougainville!

The post opens with an eloquent dissertation on the extremely unexpected unappealing qualities of the sordid streets of that resort town Phuket. This is not the South-East Asian tropical haven we have all imagined from watching the television- it is in fact:
"so humid here, very very hot."
Oh wait, yes it is the SE Asian tropical haven we had imagined!

Indeed she continues with the comment that:
"The streets are crazy and dirty, prostitutes cover the street. Its [sic] a filthy horrible place here. You cant [sic] walk 10 seconds without someone trying to grab u [sic] into their street store or a massage parlour."
Personally if prostitutes were literally the paving on the streets of Melbourne, it would be a filthy fantastic place! I would be overjoyed with the abundance of ladyflesh that I could drive over in such a paradise! Princess Bellatrix does not seem so fazed later in the piece by the ladies-
"Outside i [sic] had a massage, very nice and well taken care of. full body massage i figured out including this beautiful thai [sic] girl massaging my breasts."
Unfortunately the meaning of the previous sentence was lost to me through the mists of time. The romantic-era poetry of homoerotic massage parlours in exotic locales ("Orientalism"-style) is drawn upon well however without a corresponding increase in the quality of the grammar or spelling.

Phuket is a dangerous place (due to the rampant prostitutes, crazed masseuses and ... "Frogger"-style traffic) we find out:
"My room in the motel is the only safe place i can go... if i just stay in my resort im [sic] happy and safe."
Not even the beaches in this beach resort are safe! Thus she has to resort to:
"the pool downstairs ... veryclean [sic] and paradise with all the coconut trees and the man serving you cocktails in a cocconut [sic] while u [sic] are still in the water."
In fact she is clearly having a very miserable and horrible time in this devilishly evil place-
"ok [sic] today it is like monsoon rain and have been stuck under a verandah in a 5 star bar drinking cocktails. very nice. as soon as it stops i [sic] will need to leave my safety."
Woe! Alas! Not a 5 star bar! Not... cocktails?!

Princess Bellatrix L'estrange of Bougainville is a most generous and condescending patroness. She is very charitable to the locals and understands their needs and humanity entirely:
"I went into the pool and felt paradise to take away the bad experience of the life of these thai [sic] people. They know no other life, its [sic] just a struggle for them to earn enough money. We always tip them greatly and make them happy."
She even "feels paradise" whatever that may mean. I am sure it is something very regal.

She is also a gastronome of the highest degree, a veritable connoisseur of Thai cuisine who knows exactly where is best to buy food in Thailand:
"we found a thai restaurant in a western style mall, the best thai food ever tasted"
I am sure that soon she will be back in the sanity of the civilised Mother Country amongst the Queen's subjects, away from the madness of those heathen Oriental lands with their peasant-like inhabitants, morbid climate and hazardous sex workers!

It behoves me to make the obvious pun at this point- let us hope that dear Bellatrix does (?not) continue to be a DumbBelle!

Monday, May 05, 2008


KermitTheFrog joked (with irony):
"When a diplomat says 'Yes' he means 'Maybe'
When he says 'Maybe' he means 'No'
& If he says 'No' then he isn't a Diplomat at all!

When a lady says 'No' she means 'Maybe'
When she says 'Maybe' she means 'Yes'
& If she says 'Yes' then she isn't a Lady at all!"
So I said:
"Horses sweat,
Men perspire
& Women glow"
And quite unrelatedly to the above was the statement from our dear Kermit but quite sequential to our former joke:
"I've seen all the Star Trek movies!
Star Trek 1,
Star Trek 2,
Star Trek 3,
Star Trek 4,
Star Trek 5,
Star Trek 6,
Star Trek 175384..."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Original Joke of the Month

"Macaulay Culkin starred in 3 "Home Alone" movies:
  1. Home Alone (major hit)
  2. Home Alone 2 (derivative sequel)
  3. Home Alone with Michael Jackson (curtailed in pre-production post casting; neither acted out nor made it to the big screen)"
Courtesy of KermitTheFrog

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

An odd occurrence on Swanston Street

There was a weird guy on Swanston Street (not an unusual occurrence, but whatever):

Weird guy scratching out bits of posters with a key

We don't know why he was defacing posters but he was... and always the middle face on the poster! Who knows why!

What the weird guy had scratched out

Yes, indeed, it was the middle face on every photo. Check "it out".

I felt a strange sense of existential... confusion? bemusement? je-ne-sais-quoi?

Then I laughed at him, as did the fellow on-lookers, with the cruelty of anonymity.

Oh my!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yes, it's that time again...

Time for another round of that perennial favourite...

... Pedo Jokes!!!!

So this guy is having doggy-style sex with this girl.
Midway he decides to stick it in her arse.
She looks around and says: "That's rather presumptuous of you!"
He replies: "That's a rather large word for a 12 year old!!"
What's the best think about twenty eight year olds?
There's twenty of them!
How do you know when she's too young?
Her hips crack when you fuck her!

And now, back to our regular programming...

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Mostly because... I think the answer to this comic is "yes and no".

And I believe that I am responsible. In part. Enough.

But this means also that I have the power to put things right.

Happy anti-invasion day.

Start of Year 4

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's All About The Floxacins

There's a cute little black girl living in the dangerous environs of Septi City. Her name? Moxie Floxacin.

She's got 2 big brothers, C-Pro and Levo. C-Pro's a bit of a hardcore MC in the making, and Levo has glasses and studies very hard. Her cousin Nor's a bit of a weirdo, she really likes to hang out with little old ladies, the sort that smell faintly of urine.

Moxie's pretty bright and friendly and never seems to get the sniffles like her friends do.

And their parents?

None other than Queenie and Lone.