Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One Step Closer to Liberation!

It seems that the country of Australia upon which I dwell has taken a step towards the eventual emancipation of those who are referred to as "Redheads".

As noted previously, the state of Greece shall at some point breed these delectable curiosities for sale to the households of the future upon an island. This island shall elect a leader known as the Minister for Pet Redheads (who is destined inevitably to be the lovely and delightful Pet Redhead) who arbitrates for the rights of these strange creatures.

The current Shadow Minister for Pet Redheads in the continent of Australia, Sexy Jules G has been elected to the position of Deputy Leader of the Opposition, much to the consternation of fashion commentators country-wide.

While the conservative Australian press and parliamentarians may deride this development, I feel that this is but an inevitable step on the march of progress. Let us look forth to the day when Redheads will stand together with humanity as one, and this minority shall be counted in the ranks of humankind!

I have a dream!

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unfalln said...

One day we will have our own nation. Once we claim our native right to most of the Northern Territory and the north of Western Australia.

And we will not need leaders, as we can communicate freely between ourselves without speaking.

Not that any of this communication is necessarily positive...