Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rar. Zen of Thilini.

Inspired by Pet Redhead's innovative t-shirt idea (see title), I embarked on a mission to convert those around me to my new enlightened perspective. Much like Siddhartha Gautama after he progressed from Bodhisattva to Buddha, I realised that the philosophy of "rar" must be delivered to the people of the land so that they could find enlightenment as I have. As the Buddha did upon his journey after enlightenment, I journeyed (online of course) to my dear mother, Amma, and decided to pass on my newfound wisdom. The chat log is as follows:

Thilini: rar
Amma: What does that mean?
Thilini: it's just a random sound
pronounced like this: "rar"
it can mean anything you like!
it can represent anger, sadness, happiness, joy, fear, boredom, interest...
sometimes it can even mean the 5 precepts
Amma: Very non specific
Thilini: it is the best word!
imagine if the english language was replaced by it
the world would be a much better place
and everyone would just say "rar"
Amma: you are crazy. It will be like animals

To be fair, she does have a point there. I am crazy. A world of "rar" would be very similar to the aminal kingdom where, for example, a puddy tat can communicate in that pure form known as "miaow", "purr", "hiss" and "body language". But think how happy the aminals are!

Fwee like a kitty kat!