Monday, May 15, 2006

Fairytale Objects

Of a night on MSN, dear Pet0r and I decided that there was something lacking from the repertoire of children's songs. The tragedy of those who do not know how to locate that fabled organ of repute, the clitoris, is an ill paramount in moden society, and such a thing must be rectified by the education of our nation's finest resource- children! The results of this undertaking were as follows.

"Mary had a little clitoris"
Mary had a little clitoris
BINGO was its name-oh!
Sugar and spells
And clitoris bells
That's what little girls are made of
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music whenever she comes!
Such educational material, was, as ever, accompanied by much "nudging" from my partner in crime over MSN. I was muchly stirred by its rich cadence, and my chat window, it did shiver.

As I exclaimed to the mighty Joshie: "Don't you bingo my clitoris!"


James said...

One, two, I'm gonna cum soon,
Three, four, yeah suck that you whore.
Five, six, keep sucking my dick,
Seven, eight, ooooooooooooooh fuck that was great!
Nine, ten, man I am spent,
Eleven, twelve, go finish yourself.

Snipergirl said...

Clearly the ideology of your rhyme is conflicting with the strong positive feminist message of our progressive clitoris song!