Friday, October 07, 2005

On The Nature of Geekdom

[p class = “Chat Transcript”]

Snipergirl: have you seen da sydney p33pZ0rs?
Sydney Girl: what?
Sydney Girl: lol
Snipergirl: the sydney p33pZ0rs. they're a travelling circus of geeks.
Snipergirl: as in the kind who bite heads off chickens
Sydney Girl: nooo
Sydney Girl: yuck
Sydney Girl: i don;t want to see them
Sydney Girl: ahaha
Snipergirl: they're great
Snipergirl: i saw them when they came down to melbourne
Sydney Girl: what did they do
Sydney Girl: kill chickens?
Snipergirl: well, sort of... but they did it in entertaining and creative ways,.,
Snipergirl: like, there was a bit where they juggled the heads
Sydney Girl: yucko
Sydney Girl: lol
Snipergirl: and they managed to co-ordinate the dead chickens so that they ran around synchronised
Sydney Girl: no way
Sydney Girl: ahaha how funny
Snipergirl: i KNOW!
Snipergirl: it was one of the highlights of the show
Snipergirl: and as you would expect from geeks, there was a myriad of interesting electronic gear
Snipergirl: plus, they all spoke in l33t
Sydney Girl: what is that?
Snipergirl: you know, that geek language where they put numbers in everything
Sydney Girl: hmmm hmmmm
Sydney Girl: no
Sydney Girl: ahaha
Snipergirl: lol
Sydney Girl: taa
Snipergirl: anyway i think you should go see them
Snipergirl: they're doing a world tour at the moment i think... but i'm guessing htey'll be back in sydney soon enough
Sydney Girl: yeah where are they from
Snipergirl: sydney
Snipergirl: duh
Sydney Girl: ok ok
Snipergirl: *sigh*
Snipergirl: anyway i am hungry as
Sydney Girl: yeah me too i might eat soon and do some uni stuff
Snipergirl: awesome
Snipergirl: catchya later dudette



nomercyboy said...

I hate to sound really stupid, but that bit about the geek show...that was just a joke right?


Snipergirl said...

Uhhh... maybe...

nomercyboy said...


Snipergirl said...


*wonders how long she can keep this going without bursting into hysterics*