Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tales from the Depths of Union House

Gay man: Look, I just don't find pre-operative female to male transsexuals appealling!
Transgendered person: That's transphobic!
Another gay man: Does that mean that he's also oppressing women by not wanting to sleep with them?
Sheila Jeffries: Of course, you testosterone-filled sack of human excrement! I'm going to write a book about how much I hate you all. Ph34r my l33t f3m1n157 w4yz.
Computer geek: Pwn'd! j00 f41L @ l1f3.
Science geek: Is it time to play D'n'D yet? I brought my Duergar Mage Robe just in case! I bags playing my Level 12 Lawful Evil Dwarven Cleric-Mage with -6 Charisma and a wart named "Betty" which has the ability to Turn Infected an additional 3 times per day. Oh, and we HAVE to play 3.5 rules this time!

(Let it be known across the land that such a conversation did indeed occur. We are all quivering in our boots.)


nomercyboy said...

I hate it when people say excrement when they really mean shit.

It just feels wrong.

Snipergirl said...

Shit always feels wrong...