Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gossip! (A Tragi-Comedy)

So, this chick, she was dating this guy. And then she cheated on him with her Quality Assurance Manager. 'Cept of course then she found out she was pregnant. Then she realised that the manager wouldn't stick with her, so she married the first guy. He has no idea of this all. So then she says the following classic line to Priscilla:
"I wish I was single like you"
... wait. This isn't funny at all! This is just tragic! This is like those "Horrible Truth about Charissa" posts, except with less intrinsic value!

I need a life.


nomercyboy said...

You've got a life.

I've seen it, it's cool.

Snipergirl said...

It's a bit lame at the moment, sadly. Seriously. I need to go on more random wanderings I think...