Sunday, August 14, 2005

Adventures in the Amazon

Upon discussion with the ever-present Kermit the Frog, the following scenario presented itself deep within the Amazon rainforest:
  • We are walking through one of the trails in the Amazon rainforest late at night
  • Suddenly a wombat materialises
  • I trip over the wombat and fall
  • The wombat dies
  • I hit my head and also die
  • Tarantulas and giant ants eat everyone
  • Hilarity ensues
This is not dissimilar to another supposed possibility in St Petersburg:
  • A famous military figure is riding his horse through St Petersburg
  • The horse rears up on one leg in a symbolic fashion (representing death during horseriding)
  • The militay figure falls off the horse as a result
  • The horse falls on top of the rider
  • The rider dies
  • A bus appears and runs over both of them
  • The horse dies
  • Hilarity ensues
Death on holiday has never been so hilarious!


Aubrey said...

Did you thwart any drug smugglers?

Snipergirl said...

A penguin fell on top of them, they died and then I stoled their drugses. And ran away giggling

Hilarity ensued.