Monday, April 18, 2005


And this is why I will never live in Mt Waverley. So we get on this train to the city, and these random idiots get on. Their conversation goes a bit like this:
"Heh heh heh. Fuck. Andrew is a faggot, Andrew is a faggot."
"Shut UP!"
"Andrew is a faggot, he takes it up the arse."
"Yeah, whatever"
"Hey, Andrew, that girl is so fucking hot, I wanna see her tits. Go talk to
"Why don't you talk to her, fucker?"
"I can't be fucking bothered. You're such a fag, Alex is doing you up the
"He so is not!"
"You're always at his place, you're so his boyfriend!"
"Hey, the last time I was at his house I was there for 5 minutes just to
pick up my $20."
"I thought it was $50 you lying cunt."

And there I am, sitting with my relatives from Sri Lanka. Including my 9 year old cousin.

Introduction to Melbourne: 101. The way people actually act and talk.



mintchocicecream said...

Hey Thilini!

Hahaha you know, that conversation sounds like it could have happened any night here in the UK too. :P

mintchocicecream said...
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Snipergirl said...

D00D!!! Wow! I haven't heard from you in ages? How you been? In fact, where did you see this?? Cool site!

Jerks are jerks no matter where they're from, I totally agree.

David said...

it could be could have been someone you actually know, and they could have talked to you.

I am sick of uni again...come back to melb already

Snipergirl said...

Eugh. I choose not to dally with such lesser individuals! Such a thing would not happen to one as well-bred as yours truly.

I'm back to Melbourne permanently on the 6th I believe. I need distraction...