Monday, April 11, 2005

Addendum, of a Sort.

And for those who are, shall we say, derisively snorting at the comments that follow the previous post, I have a selection of quite fine non-alphebetic additions to the English language that I would like to share with you.

*** <--- This is Roberto. He's just a baby.
... <--- This is the ironically named Patience. People often use her, and she feels quite abused as a result. She feels molested when people kiss her.
&$%&$%&$% <--- This one is quite decadent. The Decadent One would not be averse to being kissed goodnight and tucked into bed. So to speak.
&%&%&% <--- This is The Gaudy One. It's quite cool, but rather Indian.

If you find my odd use of ASCII to be offensive, just think, things could be much worse! I could be Mussolini's crazy granddaughter. Or that nutcase Pim Fortuyn!

What would you all do if I was Jacques Chirac?


(Whoever is responsible for this conversation, you know exactly who you are.)


David said...

teehee. It wasn't me I swear...

Maybe we (along with our "Taking over the world for Dummies" book) should make up our own special ASCII alphabet!!

Then we could speak in code, and stuff.

How's horsham treating ya?

Snipergirl said...

We still have to do that! It should outline exactly how we will take over Greece... oh look it's Patience!

Horsham's ok, nothing exciting going on. TV is the best invention ev0r!