Friday, February 11, 2005

Cyberdeath and other disasters

I have, as of late, been unfortunately absent in my posting on this blog, and neglecting you, my fine readers, in the process. Bear with me as I go through what I would term "technical difficulties". In case you were wondering, you bastards, the following has happened to me since getting back to Melbourne:
  • I moved into a new place
  • The power supply in my computer exploded
  • I need a gastroscopy
  • I keep ending up at exhibition openings full of lesbians who are for once trying to pick me up

I shall update you fully on the newest happenings on my bizarre life soon-ish, hopefully within the next few days!

With love,



Aubrey said...

We're all slacking off blogger of late. My excuse is I joined a really nice cult.

David said...

Does posting memes count as real posts, or slacking?

Snipergirl said...


Worlds Worst Demon said...

slacking is an honorable way to spend your time, or so I've been told