Thursday, January 20, 2005

Spontaneous Media Generation

< rant>
And in other news I am right royally pissed off with everyone not from my own generation. The baby boomers keep going on about how we, the "MTV Generation", "won't grow up"- because we're not marrying our high school sweethearts at 21, having 2.5 kids, getting a mortgage and then fucking it up and getting divorced at 40. Somehow this equates to us being collectively immature. In my opinion, it just means that times have changed. People need to have security and an income before they an afford a home and we've decided we actually want to know the people we spend the rest of our lives with first (unlike certain other people). We want to explore the world and learn and grow before we commit. I think that's a remarkably mature thing to do. And if people think playing computer games makes our generation childish, they are deluded. The games industry makes more money than Hollywood, and probably produces better quality art. In my opinion the middle-aged are once again being fusty, old and selfish. They just can't get over the idea that one day they will not be the ones running the world. Yes that's right, we're upstarts and we're taking over!

And now we get to the kids of today. They really do seem to be throwbacks to some weird and conservative era combined with this sluttiness. Then again I suppose we have to wait for them to turn 20 or whatever before we can decide on their worthiness or lack thereof. I guess back when I was 10 my generation were supposed to speak like this: "dude, like I totally saw this awesome rad stuff, like, duuuuuuuude!" Or otherwise be angsty little shits. Yes that's right, we are all either goths or surfers. I am currently annoyed about the "young people" because of some article that some dumb private school kid wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald. Thanks to her now people think young people are composed of conservative gits who just want to get married and have children while having a token career. With the woman being the primary parent of course. Because you know what, we're not the MTV generation, no, we're the 3rd wave bloody feminism generation. And guess what, apparently all girls want is commitment but evil boys with their "cohabitation" and their "pre-marital sex" have tricked innocent brides-in-waiting into *gasp* losing their virginity and succumbing to the unworthy lifestyle of living in SIN. Never mind the fact that half the girls I know just want a shag and half the guys I know want to look after their kids. No, of course the complexities of the real world don't exist if you're one of the "youth of the year 2000". And where the hell am I supposed to fit into this schema of the world? Oh that's right, I'm going to fall in love and marry another woman and have dogs and kids because that's all a woman actually wants and anyway, all lesbians are like that, down to the square haircut and hairy armpits. Turkey Baster!

I hereby declare my resignation from the MTV generation. I am now officially part of The Simpsons generation.
< /rant>


David said...

fuck being a part of a pidgeon holed generation. I'm my own generation, and if any has a problem with that they can send it to /dev/null (sorry, linux joke).

can u put a linky to smh article if it's online?

Anonymous said...

Subvert the mtv generation from the inside. Form a band, write bad angsty songs about the state of the universe, make an absolute bucketload out of teenagers who are amazed that you know EXACTLY HOW THEY FEEL (apologies to Danny Katz), and then snigger all the way to your exclusive-suburb mansion. Easy.

Snipergirl said...

"We're SILENT MASSACRE with the latest hit single from our new album 'Existence Overdue', that's right, our number one hit single 'My Dad is a Motherfucker'!!!! YEEEEAAAH!!! I HATE LIVING IN THE SUBURBS AND ALSO THOSE GIRLS WHO HAVE TOO MUCH TASTE TO DATE ME!!! onetwothreefour..."

David said...

let's form a Ska band.

need: guitar player, bass player, lead singer, and a fatter horn section (shut up, i'm still under 80kg!)

Snipergirl said...

I'll play guitar and/or sing?

Crono said...

"...they can send it to /dev/null..."