Thursday, December 16, 2004

Chinese Students' Society

Current Membership:

Mrs. Gertrude Mavis Archibold
Ms. Wilhelmina Gwendolyn van der Höyden
Mr. Horace Maximillien Bernstein
Miss Peggy Bernadine Davidson
Sir Bruce Archibald Farnsworth Sr. the third
Lady Mrs. Constance Daniela Gloria Palmer-Smithson
Madam Susie Wong


Anonymous said...

That sucks...they couldn't even get madame right, the bastards. It's almost madman. Wait a minute, only one of them has a Chinese name. Ha! You almost got me with that one, but I slipped past you, eh didn't I?

You see, my wit is a dry wit, best served with sand and a lemon slice.

Boy this comment space is deader than ground zero.

Aubrey said...

Yeah, forgot to sign my name to that last one. At least I'm man enough to take credit for the little bastard. Boy it must be like the comment fairy pooped all over your blog.

Snipergirl said...

Only reknowned figures of importance may be invited to join the esteemed membership of the exclusive and, dare I say, glamorous Chinese Students' Society. Many of our members are influential society notables, including titled gentlemen and ladies. Our meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month in the sunny environs of the Rose Gardens Country Club, where we indulge in the translation of Chinese texts, the consumption of tea, and often a round or two of croquet and backgammon.

Aubrey said...

do you shave each other's backs afterward? Or do you perhaps instead indulge in a soothing enema? Must be nice to give the metal rods a rest, eh?

I'd pace myself with the reading of Chinese if I were you lot. You don't want to get all slitty eyed. And when are they going to tear down that infernal wall? The Germans already torn down theirs you know.

David said...

We shall keep the wall! Keep it i say! For as long as The United States of Jesusland is still a threat to the rest of the worlds integrity.

p.s. Snipergirl: you forgot to put the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary next to some peoples names....who are we going to ask for money????

Snipergirl said...

Our Society is kept afloat by generous donations by its patrons and benefactors, as well as a *reasonable* annual subscription fee of £7,500/= posthaste! Our current treasurer is Lady Mrs. Constance Daniela Gloria Palmer-Smithson who kindly took over this position upon the sudden death of her late husband Lord Mr. Clarence Finster O'Donnell Palmer-Smithson after a brief illness. Lord Mr. Palmer-Smithson is survived by his wife, his son Mr. Eugene Arthell Floyd Palmer-Smithson Esq. of Polish Rubber Incorporated and daughter Mrs. Dorothy Mildred Edna Palmer-Smithson Alcock, wife of renowned philanthopist and local businessman Mr. Clyde Clifford Chester Alcock.

Aubrey said...

Polish Rubber Inc? Don't they produce the Rampant Rabbit?

No wonder Mr. Alcock is such a noted philanthropist.

David said...

yes, yes..they did have something to do with the rabbit. This is why Snipergirl invited them onto the society...(apperantly she has a cupboard full)

Snipergirl said...

May I remind you both that Mr EAF Palmer-Smithson Esq. is the one who owns Polish Rubber and Mr CCC Alcock is the philanthropist? And for any of you who wants to insinuate that they are collaborating on marital aids, I have had it on good authority that Mr Palmer-Smithson and Mr Alcock's "collaborations" may certainly involve "Polish Rubber" and "AlCock", but they are certainly not aiding Mr Alcock's marriage!