Monday, November 29, 2004

Of a Thursday night...

So me and my gay friends were out a couple of weeks ago (yes it really has been that long since I have updated), predictably enough at a gay bar. Afterwards we headed to our local 24hr "Gay Maccas". Big Girl was there with her girlfriend the Predator, and they were kissing. So this total tool of a straight guy- he was short fat, balding and thought he was so cool- walked past and started going on in the following manner:
"Oh my god I just saw two girls kissing blah blah blah it's so attention seeking"
So I'm thinking, what the fuck is this asshole's deal? So I get up and say,
"Yeah, except for the fact that they're going out, wow, how attention seeking, you dickhead! Are you attention seeking when you make out with girls too?"
And he and his posse of violently pink girls (they were the dumbest bimbos ever) start going "Oooooh" and shouting stuff, and then Raunchy Librarian who by this stage is extra drunk as usual starts yelling stuff that is not exactly composed of relavent or effective insults back at them. God bless her soul. Then some random people from the bar we were just at were talking to us and were being "too kewl for schewl". We got up and left after a little while, and as we left I yelled at the straight guy:
"I hope you get laid sometime this decade, I'm sure it hasn't happened for awhile! And that goes for the rest of you too."
And we went outside and then he threw food at us. I went after him but the manager basically shut us out. Fantastic. Of course we all started cracking up... it was the funniest thing that had happened in weeks!

Some people are pricks.


David said...

Some people are pricks.

Snipergirl said...


Crono said...

Where's this so-called "Gay Maccas"???

MEEEE WAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snipergirl said...

Corner Smith St and Victoria Parade, Fitzroy... go there of a Thursday or Sunday night, around 1am-ish... you'll see us there usually XvÞ (except not me at the moment as I'm in Sydney)

Snipergirl said...

Oh, and can I by any chance link to your blog?