Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Curious Caroline's Concubines!

Dear readers,
Have you ever found yourself lonely late at night? Has there been a conspicuous lack of gentleman callers to your residence? Then contact "Curious Caroline's Concubines", your first port of call at those times when you are in the mood for some rambunctious love-making. Not-So-Sweet Caroline, your lovely and discreet madam, will arrange a pleasurable masculine presence for your evenings. Either drop into our bordello, cunningly hidden in a secret alleyway for your confidentiality or we shall deliver a gentleman for your pleasure to your very household. Choose from our exotic selection of men, such as the swarthy Crazy Fijian and the mysterious North Pole Penguine. With our professional attitude, you can be sure your secret is safe with us!

Visit: Curious Caroline's Concubines!
333A, 1st Lane
Municipality of Ross
Sherwood Forest


Anonymous said...

that quiz you sent me, i got judith butler. ha!
love raunchy librarian

Snipergirl said...

The aforementioned quiz is here

Snipergirl said...

Alright, I appear to either be Judith Butler or Virginia Woolf, depending on how I choose to answer the last 2 questions... Yeah, whatever. They're both uglier than me :-Þ.

RedPhantom said...

What can I say?

Snipergirl said...

Whatever you'd like to, my dear.