Friday, November 05, 2004

Baiting Jungle Animals

Yesterday, I was not in the mood for an argument. Let this post be a warning for all those who would seek to annoy me during exam period. So, Unshaven Tracksuit Chimpanzee (yes, his appearance in the SCR was a random influence for the genesis of this conversation) sat down with me and the Woodland Creatures at dinner. I could tell he was spoiling for an argument, especially one of those ones which was especially wanky, pedantic and annoying... fortunately the conversation turned to the time that Minty-Fresh, Young Grasshopper and other random people dared me to stay silent for 20 minutes- and to their surprise I succeeded. Unshaven Tracksuit Chimpanzee and the others were laughing at me, and suddenly inspiration struck.
"I bet you couldn't keep quiet for 20 minutes," I said to him.
"I refuse this dare," he replied, the pussy.
"That's because you can't actually do it," I retorted, and finally he consented to the dare. I started my stopwatch...
At 1:42 he gesticulated to ask how long it had been.
"Not long enough," I muttered, and told him what the time was.
At around 4:00 I decided it was time to bait him for fun. So I started chatting to Not-So-Sweet Caroline about the environment and economics- two topics that were guaranteed to set him off. You could see the pain reflected in his poor eyes; he was making such an effort to gesticulate and say "mmm" instead of actually talking. Especially because I took the stance that environmentalism was compatible with economic growth.
Then finally, at 6:25, he got up to clear his plate... and headed for the JCR, away from us all. At this point I knew that I had effectively won. And sure enough, when we went into the JCR, there he was, talking to a group of people.
"You appear to have lost the bet," I said.
There was naught he could do but agree.



David said...


*seeks to annoy Snipergirl*

*pokes tongue out*

do you think i can stay quiet for 20mins?

Snipergirl said...

Good question... maybe we should find out ;)!