Friday, October 08, 2004

Lygon Street is the new "Weirdo HQ"

So me, Camberwell, Pet0r and Ferrero were having dinner on Lygon Street in one of those outside tables. As we're waiting for our dinner, I see Mary Magdalene and Jesus out of the corner of my eye. I'm not particularly fond of this ex or her boyfriend so obviously I turn away slightly and ignore them. They finish walking past and I say to my friends "thank god the people I'm ignoring have finished walking past" and they're like "who were those 2 people staring at us?" and I tell them who they were, and we just crack up. So we talk for a bit about how weird that behaviour was, and then me and Pet0r look over our shoulders at them, and they are totally staring at us from halfway down the road.

Some people obviously have nothing better to do with their time, huh?

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Aubrey said...

ah, ye olde awkward moments, I know them well.