Saturday, October 02, 2004

It's all going to end in tears!

Thus spake The Oracle, several weeks ago. And a couple of Thursdays ago, the prophecy of The Oracle came to pass indeed. Let me illustrate via several examples:

1) Raunchy Librarian and the Glorified Ferret
The Glorified Ferret ignored Raunchy Librarian all night, asked her repeatedly why she wasn't sleeping with other people, and then when she got annoyed, claimed that she was "too heteronormative" for him. Needless to say, she was rather upset. Later, on the phone to her, he cried too because he "felt bad about coming across as being patronising".

2) Big Girl and Lambchop
Big Girl and Lambchop were making out, when Small Girl poured beer all over them for no apparent reason. Lambchop assumed that Big Girl and Small Girl were going out, and even when Big Girl emphatically denied it, she decided she'd changed her mind about the whole affair and went home without saying goodbye. Needless to say, Big Girl was also upset.

3) Simone and Balls
Despite the fact that Simone and Balls were supposed to have had a date one night, Oven's Kate kept rather inconveniently being around. This was also the case on Thursday night. However I don't think anyone cried, which makes this a rather pathetic example.

4) 2 Unnamed People
Apparently a certain couple that no-one knows about split up. No-one knows about that either. Apparently it also ended in tears, but given that no-one knows, no-one appears to care.

Damn couples.

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