Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dinner with Dr Thing

So, in one of my few college dinner appearances, I sat next to Fearsome_Beret and good ol' Dr Thing. As usual I was laying down my "I got more passports than you all, and I can be Australian or International when it suits me" schtick. Let me make it clear I was being my usual self, and therefore not really caring all that much about the competition aspect of it... Let me now repeat for you how the conversation went so wrong:

Me: I gots more passports than you no-passport los0rs.
Fearsome: Well, I got no reason to leave the country so why would I have a passport?
Dr Thing: You may have passports but I have a girlfriend*
Me: I've made out with your girlfriend*
Dr Thing: And she said you were crap
Me: How do you know I don't have a girlfriend anyway?
Dr Thing: Because you never have before...
Me: Well I could secretly be seeing someone and you'd never know...*
Dr Thing: Prove it. Tell me who she is...
Me: Well, if it's a secret I can't tell you can I?
Dr Thing: There is no-one is there...
Me: I was speaking hypothetically, in the case that that person existed.

*Note the fact that these sentences are both true AND funny.

Ad infinitum.

I told Minty-Fresh about it. I believe she was suitably amused by the irony. Well, I hope so at the very least.

Amusingly enough today, Dr Thing joined Minty-Fresh and I after dinner today. And wouldn't LEAVE when I wanted to talk to her privately.

Hmmm... I wonder why.

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