Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Beef.

Camberwell, Jay and I sat in the Queer Lounge one day, playing with one of those creepy lamb toys which makes a noise when you tip it over. It'd been in the QL for ages, strung up from one of the windows in some kind of weird bungy-like position. Anyway, so Ferrero asks us to pass "the Beef" (obviously referring to the lamb toy). Me and Camberwell just crack up, for about 10 mins, at which point Pet0r is totally weirded out by us. So yeah, we named our new QL mascot lamb "The Beef".

Later, at Karaoke, we decided that the Sheila fangirl reminded us of The Beef with her innocent college-girl face, but try-hard tough behaviour. So she's called "The Beef" too. You can tell them apart by the italics.

So now you know.

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