Monday, July 12, 2004


So, this is a post more about things which freaked me out rather than amused me.

My friend Fearsome Beret found "Ken Park", the Larry Clark movie about, no surprises here, suburbia and fucked up teens, on the College Network.

Suffice it to say, I have never seen such repulsive sex on film ever before. Not even that time that when Memoir showed us that porn about teaching the sad individuals who would watch such porn how to cause female ejaculation.

Maybe I'm a prude, but seeing people have graphic, explicit sex would sort of be ok... if they actually seemed to be enjoying it in some kind of normal way or actually seemed to have some kind of liking for each other. The sex in "Ken Park" was just soulless sex between people who seemed alternately bored, horny, inhuman, manipulative and mostly, creepy.

In fact, creepy is the word which really sums up "Ken Park". The characters themselves are creepy and it is difficult if not impossible to sympathise with such people. Three somewhat "paedophilic" sexual interactions (I would hesitate to call them sex) are depicted for example. By that I mean teenagers of about 15 having sex with people who are their parents or people who are old enough to be their parents in a completely manipulative seeming context. Then of course there is the clearly mentally disturbed Tate, who verbally abuses his grandparents, asphyxiates himself while masturbating to Anna Kournikova (in the most disgusting example of genitalia and ejaculate I have ever seen) and kills them in their sleep.

There was way too much cock. Too much ugly, hairy misshapen cock. Jeez, even I've seen better looking cock in my time, and I'm a lesbian for goodness' sake! Fearsome and I spent much of that movie giving each other good ol' freaked out looks every 5 minutes.

Finally it finished.

"It'd better be a fucking wholesome show we choose to cleanse ourselves" I muttered.
"Brady bunch wholesome" said Fearsome
"Oh no, I think after that, the Brady Bunch would just freak the hell out of me."

So we started watching an episode of "Sex and the City"...

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